About The Bloggers

I once had to set a timer to avoid talking too long –  then ignored it, and went on chatting with Alex until four am. We are both constantly off topic, slightly off course, bouncing ideas off each other and jumping from one subject to the next… just like a bus that’s supposed to take you to North London and then ends up going to the West End for no reason at all.

This blog is on diversion. And it might take you someplace interesting.


Alice on Alex (Alessandra Cenni)

Alex taught me to queue for dayseats and what to do at a stage door. I want to be her when I grow up even if she’s four months younger than me.

She is unfailingly charming and calm, and deals with stressed (like me) and stressful people like a pro – though she only ever wanted to be a dog therapist.

She has watched every single episode of every obscure tv show, every vintage cartoon or cancelled detective miniseries. If you need information about anything, from the 2007 screenwriter strike to why US series are shot in Canada, you should probably ask her.

Her salads are hilarious and at times cringeworthy, but they haven’t killed her yet because she’s clearly immortal. It must be all the tea cursing through her veins.

I made her start Supernatural, she made me start drinking tea and we now communicate telepathically.


Alex on Alice (Alice di Mattia)

Bus lover, tireless night wanderer with a serious addiction to audiobooks. She speaks several languages, but is best at communicating with cats.

She can trace your roots back to Shakespeare, even if you’re not actually related.